Writings, Interviews, and Lessons
I consider myself a spiritually minded artist who takes inspiration from diverse memories, stories, and experiences to explore the conversations that can be held around art and community. Here, you'll find writing samples and video interviews addressing topics of BIPOC identities in art history, creating communities around art, students expressing their identities through art, and personal research interests.

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Jose Camacho on Wilfredo Lam’s Mother and Child

Colorful Personalities: ARHS & Making Lesson

Assigning Meaning to Objects: ARHS & Making Lesson

Activism in Art: ARHS Lesson

Who Do You Say That I Am?: Exploring Whitewashing in Christian Imagery

Amplify Live with June Edmonds

Amplify with Kai Monet

Full Spectrum: A Personal Account of June Edmonds’s Laband Art Gallery Solo Exhibition and the Importance of Contemporary Black Art History

Amplify with Macha Suzuki

RE: Reevaluating the Studio Arts Department Curriculum to Include a BIPOC Perspective

Amplify with Tina Tona

They Tried to Bury Us: Religion & Ecology in (Ex)Incarcerated Populations

Amplify with Simrah Farrukh

Gail Anderson (1962-Present)

KaleidoLA Guest Artist Speaker Series: Jordan White, Gabi Jones, Gabrielle Riter, José Camacho