Fine Art
My creative philosophy is grounded in spirituality and the incarnation of ideas.  Because of this philosophy, I strive to give every idea or medium the time to explore and see if it is something that I can bring into my practice. Some mediums currently in my practice as a result of this philosophy are painting, 3D sculpture, crocheting, drawing, embroidery, glasswork, and photography. Here, you'll find some examples of my work, but you can see all of my work on my instagram.​​​​​​​

Who Do You Say That I Am? (Prayer Bench), 2022

Who Do You Say That I Am? (mirror and candles), 2022

Hand-painted Drum, 2022

Tweety Bird Piñata, 2023

Uneven Pavement (flower and spiral glyphs), 2022

No Way Pant 3, 2023

Built By Aliens, 2022

Untitled (Assemblage Shadowbox), 2022

Untitled (O'Keeffe Collage), 2022

No Way Pant, 2021

Self Portrait, 2020

Still Life, 2020

Immigration Puzzle, 2021

No Way Sign, 2022

Humankind, 2020